Tuesday, September 5th

Dear diary, Shoplifter turned out to be a dead end. After couple of weeks of getting deeper into it, management said it would be better to focus on Magneto rather than anything else that is barely visible on market. Also the only client interested in Shoplifter resigned :/

I’ve been transferred to Demilac project. I’m supposed to deliver feature which will help client to migrate products from one instance to another. My proposition was to create middleware application which uses magneto API both for reading and saving products. I think this will be good opportunity to show here different way in development. I have a green light :)

Beside that, this Demilac is hell of a mess. I calculated technical debt. It is over half a year of work. Also, they keep vendor libraries in repository. Team leader said, that he got it that way. I can understand that, but what is a mystery to me is why they keep it that way? Apparently developers do some changes into vendor codes. I don’t want to know anything else. This is the last team in which developers don’t do code reviews, and the refuse to do it.

From the bright side, I managed to hire few really promising developers. Damien looks like one of the best. He knew a lot of good practices and did the task perfectly. Damien is going to work with Mickey, who works here almost from the beginning of Timid Limited – which will be a decade soon.

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