Monday, September 18th

Dear diary, after few days of research, tests and implementation I ended up with Symfony-based MVP that handle basic integration with Magneto API.

I came up with idea of using this for product management and sold it today to Michael (CIO) and Robson (CTO). Michael was fascinated. He said, that maybe we could start our own PIM system. Robson was surprised that he never thought of using API in any project for this purpose. I’m surprised that he never tohught of that. Although there is a Castro-lama, but there’s only a API proxy for mobile application and its messed up in every way.

I have to do further researches and improvements. If it starts, it will be huge step for the company. Timid will start to deliver own services.

Big party is comming in November. Every year company arrange internal event. This year, like last time, it’s going to take place in mountain resort. Almost everyone is going. Beside drinking, there will be some lectures too. Also company hands annual Timid Awards in various categories. This year people are about to vote in categories like Progress of the year, Educator and Innovator. Sounds like they really know how to appreciate employees.

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