Thursday, 1st June

Dear diary, it’s been a while since we’ve talk. Last week I’ve had a final interview in this Timid Limited company. They do e-commerce on Magneto. I’ve talked to them month ago and thought that they forgot about me. Looks like my lack of knowledge in Magneto ain’t an issue. CTO told me, they want to use my experience to move company to the next level. I’m supposed to show them some good practices in web development and introduce new tools and approach for better quality. We’ll see. Sounds promising.

After a year of fighting the wind in Pepper inc. I’ve had enough. When Warner Bros found out I went there, he took it very personally. I think it has something to do with his ex working for Timid. Never mind. At least he had enough decency to terminate my contract without making a scene.

Right now I’m taking few days off. Haven’t been on vacation for a while and I really have to spend some time with family.

I’m starting 12th. Turns out that few of my friends also works there so I can’t wait. Change itself is also exciting and it really cheers me up a bit.

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